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5 Reasons to work with a Realtor when selling your home

By Kevin Wood

June 2, 2021

What you are told is a lie...

No, not this 5 Reasons to work with a Realtor when selling your home article... but... Everywhere you look these days you are inundated with DYI (Do it yourself) videos, articles and instructions. You want to renovate your home, fix you car, or learn the guitar, there's probably a blog post on how to and it always sounds so easy (reality most often is not). Even when it comes to selling your home you can always go the For Sale By Owner approach and save a bundle... or can you? Now I'm not saying all DIY projects are bad, not at all. But, some things really are best left to a professional. Is it really worth taking the risk on your biggest investment? Keep in mind that a qualified real estate advisor has undergone countless months of training, exams, certifications and the good ones continue ongoing education on a consistent basis. The job of a Realtor is literally to guide you through the process of buying or selling your home.

But, why would you go with a Realtor?

#1 - Money on the mind?

Let's jump right into it. Why not sell you home on your own and avoid the cost of a realtor? You will always want to get the most for you home right? Who would ever want it more than you, especially not paying any commission will add to the bottom line? Well, I'd like you to consider the facts. A study done in 2017 concluded that the average FSBO (For sale by owner) yielded an average of 30% less than when people work with a real estate professional. 

And, if you have a buyer that is represented by an agent you will most likely end up having to pay a commission for that agent finding you a buyer anyway!

All too often a FSBO will have to be taken off of the market and re-listed with an agent in order for it to sell. This results in a severe weakening of your position as it will have likely been on the market too long and people will see it as if there is something wrong with it leading to a lower selling price.

#2 Negotiation Skills.

Having to negotiate buying a new car is a very stressful experience for most people. Crank that up a notch and add a bunch of zeros at the end of that price tag and the stress can be increased beyond what most are ready for, especially when it is your own personal home.

A top notch real estate agent will be highly trained in the art of negotiation, combined with a lot of experience doing so. It is your agent's job to get you the very best price for your home and in the process they won't be swayed by emotions that can cloud their thinking when push comes to shove.

If you choose to go at it yourself, you may be tempted to come up another 10K to close on your dream home where and agent would possibly realize that it was not needed to get the deal done. In this case have the agent on your side is putting your hard earned money back into your pocket and saving you from taking on an unnecessary financial move.

#3 Papers and Details

When you buy a new cell phone, do you read the entire agreement you are signing... probably not. Most people don't and in the case of a phone contract it may not have huge negative ramifications.

With a real estate contract you NEED to know what you are doing! These can be very lengthy and require specific details to be covered.

Thankfully for you, an agent will have the experience and knowledge to navigate all of the required papers and contracts on your behalf, making sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Consider this situation... You take on the responsibility of doing your own contract to save some money. A small error of omission can cost you more than what you would have paid a real estate professional to do this job for you.

#4 Security and Safety

Who will you have coming into your home when you are selling it? When a qualified agent is marketing your home they will usually prescreen and accompany qualified buyers through your home.

When selling privately you could be having anyone off the street walking through your home.

#5 Finding a Buyer

Of course you can list your home on craigslist or other real estate sites and you probably know a lot of people too. The thing is, it is a relatively small group of people that will actually be interested in your home. Your realtor will have access to a massive group of individuals who are already interested in buying. This translates to a faster sale, less time on the market resulting in a higher overall sale price.

The end result.

work with a real estate professional!

Henry Ford once said "It proves that you're smarter than they are when you hire people who are smarter than you. The trick is to recognize when you need help and to find the right person."

If you intend to list your home, I am here to help you you navigate the process. With over 17 years of business experience along with being a fully trained negotiator, I look forward to discussing how we can work together to get your home sold faster and for more money!

About the author

Kevin Wood is a Real Estate Professional in the Kamloops area. With over 17 years of business experience, Kevin brings a Client Focused approach to helping you get the most out of your Real Estate transaction.

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